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Do you believe in art being a way to inspire people's lives?

We strongly believe in the idea that all art forms can today still coexists harmoniously, in one single show, with the glue that connects them, being the message that the story carries, and wants to deliver.

Behind all our performances, there is a team of passionate people who have spent days, weeks and months to create something special, original and inspiring, to deliver to audiences. A team of different artists like dancers, musicians, actors, writers, costume designers, set designers, technical teams, that have formed a strong connection, working closely together in order to create a unique experience on stage.

We strive to be at the upfront of new generations of creatives, collaborating with artists from all different genres to bring together the best work we can. Stichting Imagine Wonders is funded by art fundings, public donations and ticket sale. All our income goes directly into the production as a way to hire artists, rent studios, material, production costs.

Your support is extremely valuable to help our journey towards our new vision of making dance theatre shows as we envision our future, writing and creating more and more shows, every time bigger, and better. We are here for the long term.

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