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We are always looking for new artists

If you are looking for a place to explore your imagination, and find like-minded artists to collaborate with, we are always looking for original creative minds and passionate about their art, to join our productions.


    Work with us.

    Do you own or rent a theatre, studio or you run a business, product or service? Then get in touch with us to collaborate. Our shows are suitable for any event, or we can have one Taylor made for your needs.


      Join our shows and support our artists.

      If you are an art lover and want to support our journey, our artists and our shows, we would like to her from you. Follow our shows as an audience member, or become a regular donor via the appropriate ‘Support’ page.

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        Our team will read it and contact you as soon as possible.

          The reason we ask for your information, is because we would like to know as much as possible from you, and consider your request with the outmost attention possible. We always want to meet in person, or via video calls with our artists to discuss their ideas, and see if the vision matches ours.

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