• Written & Choreographed by
    Klevis Elmazaj
  • Music by
    Joris De Man - Junkie XL
  • Costumes by
    Paola Ghidini
  • Dancers
    Edgar Sagarra
  • Light Design
    Erik-Jan Storm


The fundamental idea of a man who escapes reality, and finds safety in an imaginary world that he creates. A world that only exist inside his mind, which of course, comes with unusual creatures who may be the reflection of his subconscious. The concept that you can’t escape your mind. That’s the only place you will live forever. But you can learn to cohabitate with it and it’s creatures, in a balanced way.

Created in strict collaboration with dancer Edgar Sagarra, who made the character his own, and developed the journey together with Klevis Elmazaj, who choreographed and directed the overall concept of Mindless Maze.