• Written & Choreographed by
    Klevis Elmazaj
  • Dancers
    Lela Di Costanzo & Facundo Ebenegger
  • Music by
    Hildur Guanadottir & Mix
  • Costumes by
    Paola Ghidini
  • Light Design
    Erik-Jan Storm
  • Duration
    18 minutes


We are in a living room… We don’t know why we are here, and so does our character. She is looking for something. Something left behind. Something that she needs, but she can’t quite find it. We seem to be stuck in a memory, reliving the same moment a few times…
A short travel through the memory of a moment in the past of our character, who unlocks a new door to the future, or to the past. What we see at the end of the piece, is as puzzling for her as for the viewer. What happen? or What is going to happen?

Control Room is an original new work, written and choreographed by Klevis Elmazaj, created originally with dancers Lela Di Costanzo and Facundo Ebenegger, set to have it’s première in Amsterdam, the 1st April 2023, at the Official Launch Event of ImagineWonders.