• Written & Choreographed by
    Klevis Elmazaj
  • Music by
    Ilan Eshkeri
  • Costumes by
    Paola Ghidini
  • Dancers
    Anastasia Belyaeva & Facundo Ebenegger


In Edo Japan, an evil ruler makes is on his way to occupy a small village, where Akane lives under the ruling of her father: the king, who refuses to surrender to the evil ruler and out of honour, wants to leads his people to war. Akane instead, as the daughter of the king, writes a statement of surrender to avoid the inevitable mass murder of all the people in her village. She secretly signs the official statement under her name and decides to deliver it in person to the evil ruler. What happens in that meeting, between the evil ruler and princess Akane, is what this piece captures.

The making.

Sneak in the studio with us, as we bring to life this wonderful story. The dancers are in the studio working on the characters and their relationship, translating all the emotions and encounters into movements, into choreography. Dance is the main language of this story, and we care about finding the best way make the audience be part of it, by being able to read this story into the movements.

”Hurry, said the sun! How to stop a falling leaf, whose descent has just began?”